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Facebook Like Count Calculator

29 Jul

I just spent the last 20 minutes using this Facebook Like Count Calculator. Basically, you enter a url to your web page, blog page, your neighbor’s blog page, your business competitor’s web page, and it returns how many times the page has been shared/liked/commented on by Facebook users.

This kind of think appeals to my competitive side ( my site has more likes than yours)  and my number crunching alter ego which likes to put a number to most things so that changes can be tracked.

But other than satisfying my curiosity, I don’t think I will be using this too much in the future.

Pubic Folders …I Mean Public Folders

22 Jul

Back when I worked a corporate job, I remember one of my co-workers telling me about how she sent out a mass email to the entire company with word pubic in it.  Her email was meant to enlighten the company on the new shared public folders, however she left out the “l” and spell check had nothing to say about it.

It is really easy to unintentionally offend someone with our numerous communications. That is why I love this simple tool to help you make sure you are not accidentally offending people with your email subject lines. Each email application shortens subject lines at different lengths. Depending on where it truncates, you could be left with some interesting and choice words. Thanks Mark Brownlow for this info and tool that I now use frequently.

Things I Love – A List From 3rd Grade

22 Jul

I just found this list in some old papers (written in loopy cursive writing with circles for dots above every i)

Things I Love

  1. My Parents
  2. My Teddy Bear
  3. Writing
  4. Grandma
  5. Relatives
  6. God
  7. Making Lists
  8. Mark
  9. My Books
  10. Reading

Sometime I will have to make a new list!

My Dinner in Miles

21 Jul

I started thinking about how many miles the ingredients in my dinner had to travel to get to my dinner plate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I didn’t think it would be too many considering a couple of the ingredients were from my garden. Then I looked at the origin of my orange pepper — Chile! That pepper had to come 5400 miles to my plate — so much for eating foods close to the source.