15 Years Today

22 Jul

It’s crazy how over time things that were once mortifying can become favorite memories. Fifteen years ago, today, I was married. No, marrying my husband wasn’t mortifying. Rather, some of the moments at the reception were . Now, I look back on these memories and they are my favorites.  Surprisingly enough I  also want to share them with others….so here goes.

The Slotted Spoon
Our wedding budget was next to nothing, and thanks to ingenuity and family, we were able to pull off our wedding. Of course, my biggest embarrassment was that we weren’t using real plates and silver ware. I knew the food would taste great (thanks to my Uncle Jim) but it just wasn’t going to feel as nice because of the way it was being served. In the end, I really had no choice, so I forged ahead. To compensate, I decided that the Hors d’oeuvres table would be classy. You know, tooth picks in every piece of cheese, etc.

Fast forward to the wedding day….Jim and I are walking into the reception hall and I am looking around at all the smiling faces. I notice someone at the appetizer table and to my horror they are scooping mounds of cheese curds on to their plate with a large slotted spoon.  After 5 beers (out of plastic cups), it didn’t seem as bad. After 15 years, it makes me smile and my kids use that same slotted spoon in their sandbox.


My Dinner in Miles

21 Jul

I started thinking about how many miles the ingredients in my dinner had to travel to get to my dinner plate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I didn’t think it would be too many considering a couple of the ingredients were from my garden. Then I looked at the origin of my orange pepper — Chile! That pepper had to come 5400 miles to my plate — so much for eating foods close to the source.