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Why Do I Love the Casino So Much?

24 Jul

Tonight Jim and I went on a date. This happens only a couple of times a year, so it is a big deal. After a leisurely meal sitting outdoors at the Wicked Hop,  I was itching to go to the casino.

Once I get past the ghostly palor of the people exiting the casino and arrive in the lobby, I get a giddy happy feeling.  As Jim was doling out $5 dollars to each of us, I was trying to figure out why the casino makes me so happy.

Here is what I came up with:

Free soda (for my inner child) + second-hand smoke (takes me back to my childhood) + risk / reward opportunities (I love a good risk) + Dance Party Game (my game of choice) = CASINO LOVE

P.S. Started with $10, hit a high of $60, played for an hour more… finished with $2 more than we started with:)